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Volcano Hills Community Fuel Break

May contain: chart, plot, map, atlas, and diagram

Volcano Hills Community Fuel Break - PROPOSED

Project Stats:
• 39,502 feet long
• 7.5 miles long
• An estimates 272 acres at an average of 300 feet wide

This proposed fuelbreak extends from Pioneer to Volcano. This proposed fuelbreak ties in strategically with the recently established Mitchell Mine Fuelbreak and the current fuel reduction program by the AFSC on BLM parcels funded by the Sierra Nevada Conservancy (SNC #1370).

The Amador Fire Safe Council (AFSC) is working with local Fire Wise Communities (Upper Rancheria FWC and Quartz Mountain FWC) to plan the Volcano Hills Community Fuelbreak. Currently the AFSC has funding to conduct initial field visits and begin the on-the-ground planning of the fuel break. For the AFSC to complete this work we must secure an executed a Right of Entry from the included landowners within the project area. Project implementation will entail removing brush and small vegetation using multiple treatment practices to create a shaded fuel break. Treatment will include the development of a 300-400 ft swath of shaded fuel break treated with a variety of fuel reduction tools, such as: hand thinning, mastication, chipping, hand pile, and hand pile burning.  AFSC is including this project in a grant application to CalFire's Wildfire Prevention CCI grant. If funding is awarded planning work is anticipated in spring of 2023 and implementation will continue throughout 2024.

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