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River Pines Community Fuel Break

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River Pines Community Fuel Break - IN PROGRESS

Total Project Area: 271 acres

Work Completed: 25.5 acres

Work Remaining: 245.5 acres

(as of 2/24/2023)

This project is funded by the Calfire Wildfire Prevention California Carbon Investments Grant. The AFSC worked with River Pines FireWise Community to develop and plan this project to protect the community of River Pines from wildfire. 


Project Timeline

November 2021: Planning with River Pines FWC and ROE collection started

January 2022: Grant submitted to CalFire

August 2022: Project Funding Awarded

October 2022: Notice of Exemption Completed/Approved

November 2022: Public Bidding Process

December 2022: Selected Contractor

December 2022 –May 2023: Implementation of River Pines Fuel Break.

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