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Private Road I/E Projects - 2024

As of May 2024, the AFSC has 10 Ingress/Egress project locations within private road communities that were submitted and reviewed. The current status is as follows:

  1. Quartz Mountain Rd. - Implementation
  2. FPPOA - Development
  3. Andrews Rd. - Development
  4. Nina Ln. - Development
  5. Stone Jug Rd.Development
  6. Manzanita Meadowlark Development
  7. Jackson PinesCOMPLETED
  8. Mace Meadows - Determination
  9. Amador PinesDetermination
  10. Upper Tyler/Lawrence RdCOMPLETED

*The AFSC encourages anyone to submit a Project Proposal for any ingress/egress roads that may need assistance!

*ROE - Right of Entry form - This form is necessary and required from each parcel owner within the boundary of an approved and scoped project. See the example below:

May contain: page and text
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