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Ohio Hill Community Fuel Break

Map of Ohio Hill project area

Ohio Hill Community Fuel Break - PROPOSED

Total Project Area: 88.2 acres

Work Complete: 9 acres

Work Remaining: 79.2 acres

(as of 2/24/2023)


The AFSC started work on this fuel break in 2022 with funding from PG&E. Nine acres of work was completed with this funding. AFSC is including this project in a grant application to CalFire's Wildfire Prevention CCI grant. If funding is awarded planning work is anticipated in spring of 2023 and implementation will continue throughout 2024. This proposed fuelbreak is located between the cities of Jackson and Sutter Creek.  A portion of this fuelbreak was completed in 2022 under a grant from PG&E.  This fuelbreak ties in strategically with fuel reduction work already completed by AFSC on the Kennedy Mine property.  

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